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Martec Recycling

Martec Recycling Corporation, a Vancouver based Canadian company is a worldwide supplier of advanced Hot In-place Asphalt Recycling equipment.  Martec's unique and patented hot-air heating process was utilized in the design, engineering and manufacturing of this "Traveling Asphalt Plant" - a self-propelled asphalt pavement regenerating equipment that performs hot recycling of deteriorated asphalt pavement on site, surpassing the economic and environmental performance of traditional resurfacing methods.  To learn more, visit

Strategic Carbon was hired by Martec to produce an integrated lifecyle assessment, comparing the full upstream, and downstream environmental impacts of Martec’s recycling technologies to traditional mill and fill methods for asphalt pavement rehabilitation.

The tool has now been peer reviewed, third party audited, and may help governments around the world make better sourcing decisions with regards to road construction and re-paving projects.

The University of British Columbia

Strategic Carbon founder Mahbod Rouhany was contracted by the University of British Columbia to develop their GHG inventory. UBC has more than 62,000 faculty, staff, and students, more than 450 buildings, and several hundred fleet vehicles. The UBC GHG inventory project involved gathering data and calculating emissions for scope I (including livestock), scope II, and scope III, including paper use, corporate travel, commuting, fertilizer application, waste, and emissions for embodied energy in buildings. Due to poor data collection methodologies in some departments at UBC, substantial quantitative analysis was required to create robust custom methodologies for many operational emissions sources. UBC will likely remain as one of the largest, and most complex public sector greenhouse gas inventories in British Columbia.

The Province of British Columbia

In November, 2008 Strategic Carbon was awarded a preferred supplier contract with the British Columbia Provincial Government to help the province’s public sector organizations become Carbon Neutral in their operations.

The award means that any of British Columbia’s approximately 400 public sector organizations -  all of whom are legally mandated to be Carbon Neutral in their operations by 2010 - can contract directly with Strategic Carbon via the Ministry of Labor Services without the explicit need to go through a competitive bidding process.

Strategic Carbon had bid on the proposal as the lead contractor in a consortium of high profile climate change and energy experts.